Capital and Expense Planning System (CAEPS)

Customer: PG&E

imageLTC consultants designed, developed, and implemented the Capital and Expense Planning System (CAEPS) for Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) – the largest utility company in Northern California. This application allows Planners to plan the resources including material and labor for the current and future years in a simple and intuitive web based application built on Adobe Flex technologies that communicates using web services to the SAP backend. The SAP backend is implemented using ABAP proxies generated through web service definitions defined in SAP XI. These proxies then leverage the SAP Compatible Units (CU) module to create and modify CAEPS plans which correspond to SAP CU designs. These CU designs capture the plan data based on Compatible units allocated for the individual months for a given year. The planner updates the statuses of these plans to inform the Program Manager to proceed to approve these plans. The granular costing information is captured at the cost element level for the material, labor, and overheads for these compatible units and this information flows to the SAP Business Intelligence (BI) system to update various cubes including the Planning order cube which finally holds the key information regarding the planning costs and actual costs for planning orders allocated for different divisions within the company.

R/3 Enterprise to ECC 6.0 Upgrade

Customer: PG&E

imageLTC consultants played an integral role as SAP integration and ABAP development team leads for the PG&E R/3 Enterprise to ECC 6.0 upgrade project for VIP Consulting and PriceWaterHouseCoopers (PWC). The integration upgrade effort included over 400+ interfaces ranging from web services, RFCs, BAPIs, IDocs, EDI, FTP/Flat files for various systems including SAP XI/Java Connector, BEA, SeeBeyond, and Mercator. The SAP modules included SAP PM, SD, MM, FI, CO, and HR. The upgrade go-live was very successful. All of the 400+ interfaces were upgraded without any issues.

SAP Integration & ABAP Development Lead for the Business Transformation Project

Customer: PG&E

image LTC consultant lead the integration team to develop the following interfaces to SAP:

  • Itron LDPro Graphical Work Design tool integration with the SAP Compatible Units Module for Order information, Compatible Units Master data, and Compatible Unit Designs
  • SAP Contract data integration to the Customer Contract and Billing System in Oracle
  • SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) Module to GIS integration

SAP EDI Integration

Customer: Sephora

image LTC Consultants worked directly with the Sephora Director of Financial Systems to gather requirements and define the architecture and implement the solution for the EDI integration to Sephora’s business partners for invoice, remittance and credit advice:

  • LTC defined the mapping for the various IDoc to EDI documents and implemented and enhanced the SAP system to process these transactions
  • LTC team developed and configured the IDoc/ALE scenarios for SAP/EDI integration for Invoices, Remittance, Debit/Credit Advice transactions between Sephora’s SAP system and external partners systems
  • LTC worked with Inovis to develop the EDI solution and mapping logic
  • LTC developed and enhanced the SAP ABAP applications to create the financial documents and postings for various financial transactions using BADIs, BAPIs, user exits

SAP XI, RosettaNet, and EDI Integration

Customer: NVidia

image Consultants worked with the NVidia team to design, develop, and implement the SAP XI solution for integrating SAP system with the external systems:

  • Consultants provided development guidance and assisted with the RosettaNet and EDI integration to SAP solution using XI
  • Configured the System Landscape and developed BPMs to handle NVidia’s internal workflow to manage the B2B Transactions